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Grease Remover Lithofin Wexa

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Product Information

Stone type:  Sealants and Cleaners
Country of origin: 
Skirting available:  No

Lithofin WEXA is a universally usable multi-purpose cleaning concentrate. A combination of alkaline cleaning components and mild solvents allow for a wide field of use.

Lithofin WEXA can be diluted with water and can therefore be optimally adjusted for all uses. Lithofin WEXA dissolves and removes old wax layers, care product residues, some sealants, self gloss films, oily and greasy dirt, rubber and tar marks, paint, etc.

For thoroughly cleaning all types of stones, tiles and other water and solvent resistant surfaces. Lithofin WEXA is universally usable in house, garden, garage, workshop and industry. Can be used as a nearly odourless wax and oil remover.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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